Every brand has a story. At Hullabaloo, our mission is to help tell those stories via all visual platforms. Our team is local, nimble, and ready to produce great work. Read our case studies to see how we’ve partnered with clients on past projects. And you can review our commercial work, our documentary style presentations and our motion graphics work here as well.  

Jeff Winograd
Director, Writer, Producer
Jeff has directed and edited films, videos and digital content for Adidas, Red Bull, Microsoft, Intel, and Nike, among others. He brings a strong storytelling focus and sense of underlying narrative to all his projects.
Laurie Slater
Laurie has been producing digital content for more than six years. She is active in the local creative community, particularly with acting groups, and has produced a variety of theater, commercial and film projects here in Portland.
Martin Kilbourne
Motion Imagery, Graphics
Martin is a Portland native, with more than 20 years of graphics experience. He specializes in motion imagery and has worked with a wide range of clients, most notably Intel, Adidas, and Nike.