Red Bull Worldwide Retailers communications

RedBull has a strong image and tries hard to stay connected with its athletes, distributers, partners and retailers.  One of the many ways they reach out is with a worldwide contest that engages their retailers in contests to win major distribution prizes.  Their communications needed to make local retailers feel at home making their own video submissions while maintaining some of the sexiness associated with RedBull’s brand. This was shot on location at a local bar that allowed us to completely shut them down for a day to shoot this spot.  We worked with local talent and pulled together a great group for this really fun shoot.  Our partners, Roundhouse Agency, worked hard to ensure all the details worked perfectly.

Red Bull shoot montage 1
Red Bull Blue Can on Ice
Red Bull shoot montage 2
Red Bull shoot montage 3
creating a nightclub

These Red Bull pieces had their own challenges though they were some of the most fun we’ve worked on. Working on a small budget and tight schedule, we built multiple sets and came up with creative ways to present their newest cans. Agency creative Teddy Black helped us create a series of ideas that tied together. Cinematographer Ryan Walters went the extra mile throughout all the shoots including spending time shooting dancers from his knees and from tabletops.