Portland trailblazers: jumbotron pre-game hype video


Produced by: Billie Olson
Written by: Koji Matsumoto
Directed by: Jeff Winograd
Cinematography by: Dane Sawyer
Second Unit DP: Ryan Walters
Client: Portland Trailblazers
Spec Music by: Ron Levy

The Portland Trail Blazers are the pride and joy of the Portland sports community. For the 2017-2018 season, the Trail Blazers looked to take their pre-game videos to the next level by adding a stronger story dynamic. To achieve this, Producer Billie Olsen brought in Jeff Winograd to add the dark, impactful, story-based feel for which he has become known. The piece was based on a concept by Koji Matsumoto who also provided the motion graphics elements. In-house cinematographer Dane Sawyer shot the weight room footage and longtime Hullabaloo collaborator Ryan Walters handled the key closing dolly move. The whole team came together to make a powerful presentation.

Trail Blazers BTS two camera shoot
Trail Blazers BTS Ryan Walters dolly with Damian Lillard
Going big – jumbotron big

While these days we hear a lot about making things viewable on mobile devices, this piece was going to show on a Jumbotron in front of nearly 20,000 fans. It was important to create a piece that was as big as the athletes we were filming. Our story was built around the game within the game. The mental and physical preparation that builds a winner used to inspire fans and players alike.

We had to keep pace with world class athletes

Working with the best of the best means working with what time is available to us. We were given a station at “media day.” These are frenzy filled days where hte athletes and coaches are run from station to station having to go through interviews, photo sessions, and video shoots. We made it extra hard on them by having them do gym workouts. All of them came through for us like champs. 

Trail Blazers BTS jeff and Damian Lillard